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Mechanical Seals for Packaging & Plastics

Mechanical seals play a crucial role in ensuring the efficiency and reliability of packaging and plastics processes. In the dynamic and demanding environments of this industry, where liquids are handled and transferred, mechanical seals provide a robust solution for preventing leakage and contamination.

Packaging and plastics applications require seals that can withstand a wide range of fluids, chemicals, and temperatures. Mechanical seals from reputable manufacturers, such as Ashish Seals, are specifically designed to meet these challenges. These seals are made from high-quality materials with excellent chemical resistance, ensuring compatibility with various substances commonly encountered in packaging and plastics processes.

The primary function of mechanical seals in packaging is to maintain the integrity of the packaging process. Whether it’s sealing liquid-filled containers, preventing leaks in filling equipment, or ensuring the efficient operation of pumps and mixers, mechanical seals provide a reliable barrier between the rotating shaft and the stationary housing. This barrier prevents any leakage or escape of the fluid, safeguarding the quality and safety of the packaged products.

In the plastics industry, mechanical seals are essential for maintaining precise control over the flow of molten plastics. They seal the shafts of machines used in extrusion, injection molding, compounding, and recycling processes. By effectively containing the molten plastic within the equipment, these seals prevent mixing of different plastic types, ensuring consistent quality and minimizing waste.


Types of Mechanical Seals for Packaging & Plastics offered by Ashish Seals

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