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Agitator Mechanical Seals

Agitator Mechanical Seals are functionally designed for handling extreme hard conditions like products emitting toxic vapours during the reaction process. In Agitator Mechanical Seals, the bearing is installed very close to the seal. This type of assembly efficiently halts the shaft whip for smooth operation, enabling greater seal life. The cooling jacket, also a standard feature, helps to maintain a cool environment around the seal. Large clearance between the rotating shaft/sleeve and mating ring allows greater deflection of the shaft, invariably related to top-entry agitators.

Agitator Mechanical Seals find applications on numerous types of equipment like an agitator, mixer, vessel, glass lined reactors and dryers in pharmaceuticals, paints, pulp & plastic industries.

Ashish Seals is one of the leading manufacturers, suppliers, and exporters of Agitator Mechanical Seals in India manufactured from high-quality materials sourced from trusted and reliable vendors. Agitator Mechanical Seals are manufactured at our premises using quality tested components in compliance with industry quality standards. At Ashish Seals, we are well-equipped with technology to design the superior performance products and are renowned in manufacturing the best customized version to meet specific criteria or applications.

Available Range : Single Agitator Mechanical Seals, Double Agitator Mechanical Seals, Top Entry Agitator Mechanical Seals, Bottom Entry Agitator Mechanical Seals, Horizontal Mount Entry Agitator Mechanical Seals.

Types of Agitator Mechanical Seals offered by Ashish Seals

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